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Thursday, December 11, 2008

4. In The Danger Zone Places That Dont Exist - Somaliland, Dniester, Taiwan

There are almost 200 official countries in the world, but there are dozens more breakaway states which are determined to be separate and independent.

This video contains 3 episodes: Somaliland, Dniester, Taiwan

Somaliland: Ten Years On
The World Service marks the 10th anniversary of independence in 2001

Somalia: Timeline
Key events from the 600s onwards

Trans-Dniester: Profile
Overview of the breakaway region from Moldova

Taiwan Flashpoint
In-depth feature on the Pacific island and its relations with China

Info on the breakaway region from Azerbaijan

South Ossetia: Profile
Explains the regions relations with Georgia and Russia

Abkhazia: Profile
Detailed background info

For full info:

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