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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Multifaceted Horror of the BP Gulf Oil Spill

The nature of the Disaster

Oil Spill News Interviews to Watch


1. BP spill: 5 apocalyptic scenarios - A MUST READ

It’s just an oil spill — how bad could it get? Truly catastrophic, according to some of the out-there theories being floated by concerned "experts


1. Rep. Markey says Congress on CNN Concerning the Inability for the Government to Disclose this Information
*Just IN* Rep. Markey says Congress unable to “PUBLICLY disclose” integrity of wellbore — More (VIDEO) | Florida Oil Spill Law

2. Interview with BP explaining Containment CAP:

1. What their new readings are for the PSI levels from the well through their new cap.
2. Why they are important and what it means if the wells is unable to reach/ sustain operational levels- ie a rupture somewhere. 

3. ArticleOil Pressure Stopping Short of Target ... Does that Mean the Well Integrity Test Is Failing?

4. POSSIBLE EXPERT INSIGHT NEEDS CONFIRMATION: Article (NEW) Worst Case Scenario on Gulf Spill?

Points to Consider

1. The government will not release this information most likely for two major reasons:

A. The conclusions lead to such horrific consequences that it would very quickly destabilize the entire southern US/ majority of Mexico through mass migration from the entire coasts region.

B. On a Marco level for the international system and US as the capitalist super power and the center of it; the global system will never be able to sustain if the US economy falls into chaos as it is the worlds largest purchaser. The global/ US economic systems are already experiencing significant pressures, the greatest financial burden that can single handedly break the US economy is the financial committed to as the global militarily (which it can't afford).

It will not take nearly 1/10 of what, the BP Oil Spill may have in store, to send the whole capitalist empire into history. 

***As a qualifier of this outcome (though it may be related to other economic crisis that are currently happening around the world), in German and in the US, there are regions that have created their own local currencies- I understand it as backup plan to keep the society producing if anyone of the global economic/ military/ social/ environmental calamities reach a tipping point.  

This means that everyone living in a direct impact region to a range of possible escalations to the oil spill and that of the government of the US and local states are in a catch 22.

If they talk about what happens in the event that the:

1. Well collapses,
2. They need to use a nuke/ high charge explosive which causes a collapses,
3. The well continues to leak for decades to come,
4. Sealing detonations sets off a series of ecocides by destabilizing a portion of the 40,000 other, abandoned or in use wells in the gulf region,
4. The relief well escalates the chances of well failure,
5. Et cetera...

The authorities at BP will never admit that what they are doing is in vain as they need seem like their are continuing to take action even if bad ones for confidence/ credibility/ stability issues relating to the company, economy, government, global system.

side note this is very irrational game scenario as its the: system evolution versus entrenched global status quo- whereas a possible solution is the cooperation rather than competition. 

If for example the well cap that they put on now does it mean that:

A. It shows Gov't. BP, Public what type of failure in the well already there we just know the readings - which is very bad right now as mentioned in video!, 
B. The increased pressure that it has caused has pushed a fragile state to a compromised one even though it does not look like it is leaking, 
C. Has yet to cause major damage but when it does it causes significantly more damage than if they did not install a cap. 

4. Bill Nye Explains BP's Containment Effort & Its Many Risks CNN

So we can assume that the government will never will never wiling create pandemonium- they clearly do not have control or may be able to take control of this well. 

Accept that the discourse BP, Gov't & Public will have will not achieve solution to the criss through, individual efforts of BP or the government, in outsourcing the problem to the US/ international community (unless public pressure/ a miracle comes from inside the gov't of course). 


This means first you need to know/ at least understand the indicators/ timeframes we are dealing with here and must at least, as a precaution, plan your response. There is not need to get trapped in Florida if this turns south. 

Canada is not immune, as the oil/methane/chemicals have been recognized to be released into the currents destine for the atlantic ocean and into the atmosphere/ via evaporation/ tide and is expected to reach most of the east coast; one can only imagine in what concentrations and effects over time. 

Please share via comments any information you can get on this as its best to hope for the best but expect the worst!


Understand the technical aspects of the BP Gulf Oil Spill with Graphic Rendering:

It does appear that the situation delineated above was greatly aggravated by a “a gas explosion, possibly methane, in the well, which caused damage up and down the well, possibly breaking the casing, causing leaks throughout the well. That is believed to be the reason the “top kill” failed. Mud was coming out from multiple leak locations. It is also the reason that the relief wells, being drilled so that a “bottom kill” can be attempted– again, injecting mud into the well to seal it– will not work because of breaks in the casing. Part of the reason there are breaks in the casing is because BP chose to use the cheaper option for casing, saving a few million dollars. Then they skimped on spacers used in well sealing process that Haliburton was contracted to do. Haliburton accepted this sub-standard situation and did the work anyway. That added to the risk that the well was never sealed properly to begin with. We don’t know all the facts because the mudlogs have not been released which would tell us details.” Per “Methane Bubble Earthquake Volcano in the Gulf?” by Rob Kall 6/23/10
The confluence of circumstances, which are of greatest concern, are delineated by the following points of information:
(1) This gusher flowed with great velocity for 86 days and therefore produced a lot of wear and tear in the system.
(2) The gravel, mud, stones, sand, oil and gas mix rushing through the pipe at excessive speed has undermined the integrity of the well system to a degree not known.
(3) Over the course of the aforementioned period different quick fixes were attempted, which were not always in the best interest of maintaining the integrity of the entire well system.
(4) BP has drilled in an area that was known to be a very high risk prospect for a variety of reasons, the most significant being pressure.
(5) Because this is a high compression well, the pressures involved exceed the capability of much of the technology and equipment that has been utilized. (i.e. BP is in over their head both literally and figuratively.)
(6) BP made many missteps over a three-month period that have unequivocally caused unintended consequences to the system, as well as collateral damage to the area, the repercussions of which may not manifest until a later date.
(7) We know the formation structure around the wellhead has changed. The relationship of the wellbore to the casing, in the wake of a subsea explosion that occurred during the events that sunk the Deepwater Horizon, has most probably been impacted. The BOP and riser were substantially affected by this trauma, and therefore the pipe and wellhead may very likely have shifted a few degrees. Furthermore, the cement that holds the well casing in place is undoubtedly under assault by oil, gas and debris under high pressure. As the cement holds the casing and production line in place, a breaching of this architecture is quite possible if it has been sufficiently compromised.
(8) The convergence of these various factors may have caused breaches in the system that are below the relief wells, and therefore will be extremely difficult to address with any degree of finality.
One of the most telling signs of a breached system is the evidence of an inordinate amount of methane present in the area around the well. In general, methane is able to find points of egress, due to breaches in the system, more easily than any other constituents in the hydrocarbon effluent.

Please read for more information:

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  1. And if the caps holds and the cleanup can really get underway ... what then?

    It is reported that scientists are being offered $250.00 per hour by BP, if they will simply sign on the dotted line, and keep silent about their work and findings for at least the next three years. Traitor? such a strong word "Judas" .... you choose....